The Innovative 3-in-1 Battery Backup
and USB Wall Charger for your Mobile Phone.

Power of two, in one.

Meet juiceBee. The battery backup and a USB wall adapter together in one.

A beautifully designed, compact portable charging solution for your mobile devices.

Patent Pending

A World’s First

We set out to create a complete charging solution that combines the convenience of a USB wall charger with the portable power of a battery backup into one, easy-to-use charging solution for your mobile phone and other devices.


juiceBee’s AC-USB Wall Charger

Recharge anywhere with juiceBee. Its 5Volt USB wall adapter lets you plug-in anywhere in the world* with automatic voltage adjustment between 110 volts to 240 volts - plus built-in power conservation technology elliminates standby (vampire) power drain when left plugged in.


juiceBee for More Power

juiceBee gives you more power when you need it most. Its battery backup packs loads of extra power for more music, more movies, more talk and more play.


Recharge Just About Anything

With its many talents, all you need is your USB charging cable.
juiceBee is ready for the road to be the backup buddy for many of your favourite devices from wireless headphones to mobile phones and game consoles.


Elegance Through Simplicity

juiceBee’s unique design charges both its battery backup and your mobile device together all without the need for extra cables or power adapters.


Recharge juiceBee Anywhere

juiceBee’s unique design leverages universality of USB for recharging. From your car to your computer, or juiceBee’s own wall charger, simply plug in and power up.

USB Recharging with Pass-T  hrough

With its two built-in USB ports (in/out), you can recharge juiceBee’s backup battery from any alternate powered USB source such as your computer while giving you continued access to your USB port.


Convenience Plus

juiceBee includes a powerful, built-in ultra-bright LED flash light for convenience.


About Us

We are a company that specializes in designing innovative, portable power solutions for today's mobile lifestyles. The quick growth of smartphones and mobile devices has created a huge demand in keeping these devices charged and powered in a convenient, effective, and portable way.

We are leaders in smart, compact, portable power solutions for mobile devices. We are continually pushing the envelope to develop next gen power solutions to meet the increasing demand for charging solutions.


Can I charge an iPhone 5 with juiceBee?
Yes, you can charge an iPhone 5 up to two times.
Do I need a special adaptor to charge my device?
No, just simply use the cable supplied with your device or use the juiceBee default micro USB cable.
Does juiceBee block both outlets?
juiceBee can be positioned in a few different ways and should not block standard outlets.
Is there a built-in battery too?
Yes, juiceBee has both a wall plug and power bank battery backup with a 3000mAh capacity.
What is a charge cycle?
Each time you charge and discharge your battery counts as a charge cycle.
Standard one-year manufacturing warranty applies.
What is the voltage range?
Is the juiceBee battery replaceable?
Unfortunately, the rechargeable battery is not replaceable, but it is a high-quality battery that's good for over 500 cycles.
Can you charge the battery and devices plugged into the battery at the same time?
Absolutely. The juiceBee was designed specifically to help users charge their mobile device while simultaneously topping up their battery back up.
What makes your products different from all the others?
Our products are fully certified and safe. We are the first to combine a wall charger and battery backup in such a compact unit.

Purchasing an unknown or unproven battery could lead to many issues:

  1. Battery leaks or fire
  2. Low charge cycles; batteries would not last long enough through daily recharging and discharging, reducing efficiency over time
  3. Could be harmful to your device due to improper charge cycle regulation and battery conditioning
Can you plug juiceBee into a horizontal outlet?
How long will juiceBee last?
juiceBee will last for approximately 500-700 cycles, at which point you can expect a decrease in battery capacity.
Will we make different versions to support international sockets?
We will not be offering additional versions during this campaign but it's something we'd like to explore in the future. juiceBee does support 110-240V so it will still be usable with a simple plug adapter or travel charger.
What is the charger output?
The output we are using is 5V/1A in order to make the device as small as possible.